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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  September 21, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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> experts say the recessionnis over. how long we have been oot of it and how americcns really feel about the economy. drinking or texting whileú driving, which is most angerous for your teen. wind turbine and how high iú that. >> resisting wind power, why somm are tryyng to stop the renewable energy source. good morning, it's tuesday, you're ttaing a live look over the inner harbor. the light is all lit up downn3 good morning, i'm pptrice harris. it's starting out pretty chilly.
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meteorologist steve fertiggis %-because it's cold.úarms up and a range of we will showwyou to them across the area. skies, but the clear skies withg for the cooler temperatures. the bus stop at 55 degrees on average. i say on average because there's a range of temperaturee. about the same in generaa.count3 61 degrees in baltimore so quite hagerstown and salisbury 53. it's going to be cool in some temperatures will climb to pleasant, 78 degrees. northeast winds become southeast later in the day at 5-10 miles per hour, that is seasonable beeause that is where we should be thii time of year. we will take a look at what is %-we will have a littll wind.
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right now we will check n with laurrn cooke who has the traffi3 edge. good morning, lauren. >> repprter: good morning, steve. as we check on 95, moving %-cars moving out there yet, but though delays traveling southbound o noothbound. from whitemarss to the beltway, we are looking at speed of 55 miles per hour, and you're lookinn at an 8-minute ride with an aveeage speed of 55 miles per hour, the from the harbor tunnel toll to 95, you're looking at a 5 minute speed with an average speed of bbef miles pe!! 55 milr the recession is officially over that's according to the national bureau of economic research, but many people hereú in maryland and across the country are hhving trouble that3 beliiving that the recovery isf. megan gilliland is live with tte mean for you. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning,
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patrice, the economic bureau of research is saying that the recessiin is over. however, a lost people in maryland and across the country aren't believing those numbers. they are look at them and trying toofind out more. we are getting a lot of responses trying too see hat u all have to say. obama is even addressing. >> obviously for the millions of people who are still out of work, people who have seen their home values decline, people who are stuck ling to pa!!! struggls from day-to-day, it's still very ú%al tt them. report, 73% of the likely voter in maryland say that the u.s. is still currently in a recession. 16% say no, 10% were not sure. out of work ann lookinggfor aone here is what some of our facebook fans have to say about this news.
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lisa wrote in and said, tell that to my husband who got laid off in ebruary of this year. they don'ttknow what they're talking about. what do you think, is thh recession over? let s kkow on the facebook page. i will be reading your responses throughout this morning. megan gill lapped, gilliland, fg news. police are called to a triple ssooting officers say two men were show the in the stomach, a 3rd was shot in the hip. all three are in serious condition but they are expected aaout ttoohours later, homicide detectives were on the scene of3 a shooting in eaat baltimore. investigators saa a mannand a woman was shot in homewood there's no word on a suspect in either shooting. federal agents arr looking foo a suspect who they say robbed dozens of restaurants includinggseveral in the balttmooe area. fbi investigators believe the same person is responsible for 38 armed robberies at3 restaurants innmaryland,
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delaware, pennsylvania, and northern virginia. the incidents starrtd back n -fbruary of 2009 and include robberies in anne arundel, baltimore and howard counties. authorities are looking for a male suspect, a 10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to a conviction. one man is hurr and a dog is shot after a chase in north ú%ltimore. the incident reportedly started3 after two pitbulls weee seen chasing two men near northwood drive. a police officer responded to the scenee and ended up shooting of the men nvolved ended up with a few cuts and scrapes after tripping while he backed away from the animal. the owner says, someone let them out of his fenced in yard. angry. of course, i believe that thh -oliceeofficer, of course, in a well respected manner, but the point is someone opened my gate. >> the owners say the dogs are
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normally kept behind a six foot privacy gate..3 no charges have been filed. fiist on fox, a woman who was near the gunman at john hopkins hospiial shares her story of survival. when 50-year-old paul warren opened fire the nelsonnunit, deborah was down the hall. she was with her mother-in-law, a therapists and a nurse. now she tells us what she saw before calling 911.ú >> the physiccl therrpists cracked the door open aad shut the door and said there's a shooter in the hall, get down. immediately, he got down and started putting chairing that we in the rooo against the door and he told us to get down and be quiet. there's a shooting in the hallway arrunn the 8th floor.
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>> mckeefer says she credits a higher power with saving her ú%fe that day. family members of the doctor cohen says he is in good condition. stomach beeore turning the gun on his mother and himself. the cohen family issued this statement, we are especially ggatgrateful to everyyne that wd at john hopkins, to make david's recovery possible. now it's important that our timm is focused on david's recoveryy policc say a unman who ied from gunshot wound this weekend, ú%ot and killed himself. he killed himself following a domestic dispute. officers were called to a ome in south markkt street in frederick, three times. on the 3rd visit they house. >> aa they were trying to approach him to make contact -ith him, shots, a shoo was
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fired and the officer felt that you know, he was in danger at that point and responded to tha3 shot firing several rounds. >> police say nooe of the shots fired by the officer hit cohen. the omaa involved in the domestic ddspute suffered just minorrinjuries. a howard county man accused sexually abusing two students while he worked as a teacher'' aide is ssheduled to head to trial this morning. this is 29 karl walker. investigators say the former teaching assistant, abused two special ed's students at brianwood elementary. the abuseestarted lasttseptember and went on until the school firrd him in march. according to a new ppll, challenger bob ehrlich in the gubbrnatoriil race..3 tuesday's primary election, shows 50%%of voters support
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o'mallee, 47% prrfer former governor ehrlich. juut 1% of the ppople saiddthey woulddvote for a different candidate. 3% are still undecidedd the poll has a 4% margin f error. anna ruann te slots paalort open neet week because of politics in cecil coonty. ttey're waiting for a decisson in the attorney ggnerrl in its role on the voter referendum on slots at arunnel mills. it's also spending miilions oo dollars ii the hopes of blocking slots at the a anne arundel ú%unty mall. >> the substantial amount of their revenues come from maryland, and most of that from conditions so by delaying slots in an anne arundellcounty they continue to rakeein maryland dollars in west virginia and control the market. >> 1penn national claims to be
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supporting the first amendment stay tuned for fox 45 morning news for continuing coverage of this tory. we will talk to tte representativv of the cordish company that is trying to bring slots with arundel malls. that will be followed with a reprrsentative group against bringing thh slots machines to the mall. for all of november's news for november's midterm elections, go tt our website at and cllck on the vote 2010 in the news features section. operaahouse will be officialll renamed for the former baltimore raven's owner and his wife. mayor stephaaie rawlings blake will speak at the ceremony for the patricia and art center at the lyrii..3 the building campaign.on for to
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>three people charged in a murder or high plot. -illed.3 ú%%-person accused went to tria. %-sight today but a reaa pretty day once again as th droiiiid.
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sids are back in schoolland you know what that meanss wwather kid wednesday is back in session. would you like our kid to be a wednesday program? just have a eacher or a counselor send their nomination to 2,000 west 41st street, baltimore 21211. or go to p>> now let's go to meteorologist steve fertig and3 get more inffrmation about these chilly tempeeatures to start the morning.
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it's cold and some places less than others. it's chiily in the downtown area at 61 degrees right now. that not as baddas the cool outlying areas. ú%st at 3 miles per hour, and the light windsscontribute to the cooler temperatures. 50% relative humidity and theú pressure is at 42.0 rising and 32 is the dew point.ú it's rather dry.%continue i61 in baltimore and down at d.c. those areas not as cool as it is ii salisbury. look at that hagerssown, at 52 and 52 out in oakland. 43 degrees. otherwise, again, no rain o be morning or for the arch afterno. it shoulddbe a pleasant day.ú if you like the same, high shifting to the east little as it does, it brings more a southwwsterly flow of air and some sunshine, too. that southwesterly flow is going to set the stage for this
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and some rain chances for the westeen part of the sttte by tomorrow afternoon or evening. i think most of the activityú stayy to the nooth anddout of and thhn the next front comes through probably by the weekend bbinging us another chanceeof rain for friday night into saturday. it looks like for sunday we shouud be okay ffr the ggme iff3 you are headeddto m and t bank ú%adium then. lots of sun for theeeastern shore. winds wiil begin out of northeast at 5 miles per hour. 78 degrees foo the high with a %-northwest wind becomes southet at 5--0.ú looking at temperatures the warmest there, around a ridge of ú%gh pressure, 80 degrees and plenty of sunshine. winds southeast at 5 miles per hour. tooiiht not quite as cool. drops to 61 the overnight low. winds at 5-10 miles per hour, unddr clear skies. after the 78 today, look at the huge warm upp because of the southwesterly flow as we start to head toward -utumn, 88 degrees for the high, a chance for more cloud cover at
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night and the ssower ccances. 88 degrees on thursdaa and we will see clearing skies later in the morning and into the afternoon. 90 degrees on friday, ready for the heat? here comes the next chance for some showers, the nextt rontt3 comoz througcomes through fridao saturday. by sunday 74 degrees and it should be fine for the ravens game. 75, mostly clear on your monday. what about the commute this morning, how does it look? lauren cooke lees you know right now with the traffic edge. lauren some. >> reporter: thank you, steve. we are looking at hhgh speeds on many of our maii lines, no problems to report on the west speeds arr clocking in at a high 64 miles per hour at libertyú road. as we heck n and take a live look, will you notice cars are moving alonggjust fine at an 11-minute ride from 795 to 95.3 it will reeain clear at harford road, where you can see not as many cars out thhre, but it will be a nice,, asy ride along the outtr loop as yyu make your wwy toward towssn. %-95, here's a look at theor ú
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5-minute ride from whiiemarsh to the beltway. if you're traveling on the harrisburg expresswwy this morning, nothing to get in youu3 at warren road and the jfx will remain clear from downtown to the traffic edge street. back to yoo. still ahead gold hhts a reeord high, how much an ounce of the stuff willlset you back.3 shh wanted her hhsband killed. >> aad this gas station owner murdered. the murder introducing the samsung fascinate powered by verizon.
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the first person to go on trial in the murder for hire3 plot that nded in the death of a towson gas station owner is found guilty.ú prosecutors are preparing to try the victim's wife who they say lurrd him to his death. at the baltimore county courthouse, the first of six people charged in the plannedd3 killing of a gas station owner >> i think we proved our case he >> baltimore county case
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attorney scott shill enburger. the suspect guilty of first-degree murder and the con spiersty tconspiracy to coovvctt first-degree mmrder. ú%il is karra's nephew. >> walter bishop, coil's best friend is the gunman. the state told the jury that coil arranged two meetings between bissop and karla porter and acted as the go between the jury took less than twoo3 hours to convict coill >> i'm disappointed in the jury verdict. >> but the attorney says that the jury got it wrong. he ssys his client is no3 different than severallothers who say hey wereeapproached by karla porterrto murder her husband. >> this was a woman who essentially was doing everrthing
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ú%ort of putting an ad in the newspaper that she wanted her husband killed, tt relatives, friends, strangers none of whom who beliived she was actually going to do it. someone shot nd killed porter in march as he opened his gas station in towson. at the ime police believed it was an attempted robbery, but now it's believed to be a part oo an elaborate plot. >> i think thaa the thing in %-the other thing is the numberf people that were involved in this who anyway along the way daniels, fox 45 morning coil could be sentenced to life in prison with a chance for parole.ú meanwhile five other peoppe including porter's ife ae wife awaiting their trial. teens texting and driving, how deadly the move can be, and what howard county officiils are doing to keep kids safe.3
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p>> ld is apparently golden in the eyes of investors and it looks like folks with flying again giving the airline industry a boost. ashley webster has today's business report. p>> it made not feel like it's over, but now we now when the recession was over june, 2009. that is when theenational bureau of economic research ii reporting that the 19 month down turn officially ended..3 it's the worst trek dins!! trek3 predepression levels until 2013. homebuilders confidence in september still stuck at the lowest level ii more than a
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ú%t stuck, not stuck, the dow jumping 145 points onnthe day. it's up 3% on the year. gold hitting another record high, up nearly 17% in 2010. price just shyyof 1280 an ounce. and they are flying high on your dime, raking in $1.7 mmllion on the first quarter. ppofitaale quarter since 2007. that'' business, i'm ashley webster. coming up a member of thh ravens ccaching staaf in hot water this morning. the charges an assisttnt defensive line coach is facing. p>> the research group says the
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♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks]
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our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ welcome back to fox 45 early 5:27 is the time. i'm paariie harris. it's a cool start to the morning, but fall is on its way, so that's what we should be expecting. meteorologist steve fertig is here with a look at thee3 forecast, and. >> you're rrghtt we should be
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expeeting the cooler air as autumn cooes. tteefunny thing is once we get to aatumn tts going to warm up for the first. as we finish up summer now and we look at temperatures at the bus stop and it's cooler,3 55 degrees with mostly cllar skies, north wind at 5-10 miles pee hour. you get the northerly flow, the3 cool, the clear skies, and allowing forrthe cool down and the rrsult is cooler temperatures in the 50s and even a couple of 40s ut therr, upper 400 in thh northeaat part in the state aroundcy ilaround cecil countyn hagerstown and salisbury with clear skies as you see. it wwll bring us plenty of sunshine through the day and weú should get to enjoy a pretty day in fact, with teeperatures climbing a little bittup to aboot 78 degrees for the high. again starting off cooll though, gettready for a nice afternoon, however. let'ss ee whaa is happening on the roads with lauren cooke who is here with the traffic edge. lauren, good morning to you. steve. well, we're loooing pretty good on the roads so far as we check in and take a look at the
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northwest portion ffthe bbltwaa, here at north oak road. if you are using the outer loop ride from 795 to 95 with an %-hourrhoor it will remain clear from 95 tt 83, that stretch s going to take you 11 minutes. there you're looking at an average speed of 54 miles per hour. nothing to repprt from whitemarsh boulevard to the baltimmre way. you're lookkng the a 4-minute trip from 55 miles er hour. that's the traffic edge report. patrice, back to you. thank you, lauren. 5:29 on fox 45 early edition. believe it or not, one grouuú says the recession is over. in fact, the national bureaa of economic research says it's bben over forrmonths in. megan gilliland is live now with more on what any of you have to say about that news. good morning, megan. >> reporter: gooo morning, patrice. the nntional bureau of economic %-started in decembbr of 2007, d inned in ppst junn.ú that maaes it the longest ecoc


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